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Black Eco Leash

Eco Leash by Wave Tribe

from 29.95 € *

Green Eco Leash

Green Eco Leash by Wave Tribe

from 29.95 € *
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Recycled Plastic Surfboard Leash

Ok, let's start with the basics.recycled_plastic_pic2

Our leashes are strong, the velcro is excellent, and we offer a one year guarantee on all parts and surfing labor.

If you break it, we'll replace it.

In fact, we dare you to break it!

Here are more cool facts:

  • Doesn't tangle using double swivel technology
  • Stays attached with superglue like velcro
  • Better for the planet made with recycled plastic

But don't take our word for it: Surfer's Path Magazine rated our leash "excellent" and we won best new product of the year by Outdoor Magazine.

One more thing, just because our leashes are made with recycled plastic doesn't mean they are weaker.

The recycled plastic is used to make the urethane cord, the technical components are all made from new molds and the combined result is most excellent.

Check out the strength video we did below, they are STRONG.