Tribe Ambassadors

Tribe Ambassadors


Wave Tribe's awesome team riders are true Eco Ambassadors. They have green blood running through their veins and spread the word wherever they can. They obviously also tell us what we can do to improve our products. Check them out!



Vincent Duvignac

Vincent Duvignac ASP world tourWhy I like eco products?


First of all, I was super excited to find a pad suitable for my back-foot. The grip is really good, as it I can push my turns without loosing control, and the addition of cork keeps the pad efficient much more lonVincent_Duvignac_closeger comparing to the other ones, thanks to its natural characteristics.

The fact to use eco-friendly products keeps me positive by practicing my every-day sport and passion. I use to be so disappointed and sad about all the chemicals and polluting products we can use in surfing. I was ashamed when I went surfing, to the point that I started few years a go to re-use pads from broken boards by resticking them…

For me surfing must show the right way to produce less waste, because our passion deserves it. We are here to ride and play with the ocean, not to destroy it.


We all need to work harder to find quality products made with love and eco-friendly materials to reduce our plastic footprint.


Thanks Wave Tribe for your commitment!




Gordon Fontaine

Gordon Fontaine homepage

I am originally from France and grew up surfing with my brothers, the rivalry amongst us three meant that we picked up professional competitive surfing really quickly. After finishing high school I was given the chance to go study in Australia for a year. I lived on the Gold Coast and surfed Snapper Rocks, Burleigh Heads, D-Bah and some other rad spots on a daily basis. After that I decided to back up my surfing with education and studied a Marketing degree on the South Coast Gordon_Fontaineof the UK, which I obtained this year. While I still occasionally participate in a few WQS events, I now mainly focus on UK Pro Tour competitions and free surfing.
I joined the crew at Wavetribe 4 years ago when I became disillusioned by the number of big surf brands that didn't have an ethical ethos. I wanted to associate myself with companies I believed in and who shared my concern to make the surf industry greener. Mother nature provides us with pure stoke on a daily basis, and it's our duty to preserve that. 
I was really stoked when I heard about the existence of companies such as Wavetribe, pioneering the sustainable production of surf accessories with rad natural materials like hemp or cork. And guess what, the products are epic. In four years time I've snapped one 6' comp leash (in pumping 6-8ft barrels, so that was fair) and my hemp double boardbag is still going as strong as ever!
These products are made to last - so not only we are lowering our impact through the production process and materials used in those products, we are also lowering our consumption rates as well, it's an all round win-win.


Ryan Coote

Ryan BarrellingI am really glad to be part of Wave Tribe. As a person I ask myself what is the meaning of life. I have had a few ideas as to what it might be. The simplest answer that i have come up with is DO IT BETTER. What ever you are doing or working at its what we all want is to do it better.
With the Wave Tribe team and the gear they produce I think this is very evident and plain to see.

To the Wave Tribe team it's not just about making money out of functional gear for use in and out of the water it's about making better gear. Better gear for the water user and better  for the world  that we all live in play in and love. 

From the cork pads to the recycled leash's its all really great gear that will stand out and last. As an adult I always look for the product or gear that will last. I dont want to be part of the throw away generation that seems to around us. Being part of the WT team means that the gear I am using now will hopefully be the same board bags, board socks and maybe leashes that my children will be able to use. When you see the gear it looks like the other brands that are all fighting for a piece of the surf industry pie, but then when you look a little closer and dig a little deeper you see that WT has what every other brand has forgotten to add to their products: love passion and commitment. Not just to making gear that lasts and works but for our planet. 
I am very happy to be a  Wave Tribe Ambassador. I will happily go spread the word and love to my fellow water man and woman.